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Blog post following Priority

Check out the blog from Fr Tim Finigan, highlighting Priority.

Please send out to anyone you know who’d be interested.

Sunnier Days launches 1st Online Disability Seminar with JTSMA

Hi readers. Another week has passed already. I am keen to tell you about a new project I am working on for Sunnier Days (my social enterprise). Therefore I will share Thursday nights debauchery and this weekends fun in a separate blog over the next couple of days on my site.

Sunnier Days is the very personal name I have given to the ‘vehicle’ enabling me to make some of my ideas around disability a reality. Those close to me refer to my positive attitude, my love of sunny holidays and because my projects (the blog, work with Hackney council and DisabilityLib) are about improving things – Sunnier Days felt right and was born!

So what is this project about? You may …

One month to heartbreak – update

Here’s an update from Martyn Sibley on the One month to Heartbreak campaign….

Wow! What a week. Firstly, since my BBC breakfast appearance and more importantly the blog on the DLA consultation. General feedback from the ‘one month before heartbreak’ blogswarm has been positive. It received coverage on the following links, as only a starter and taster:

Thanks to Emma (TweetHandle: @funkyfairy22) for providing this information. Also Kaliya (TweetHandle: @Bendygirl) was on Talk Radio Europe speaking about Broken of Britain and the great campaign Lets hope the government have taken note of this and reconsider their policy decisions around DLA next month, and indeed on disability issues generally!

One month before heartbreak

Dear all elected officials and decision makers (at a national and local level)

In light of the recent cuts to government spending, we (Martyn Sibley of London and Richard Currie of Manchester) are writing to convey our deep concern at the affects they will have on the disabled people of the UK. We are only 2 of 10 million disabled people in Britain, but our views are by no means unique. This letter forms our contribution to a large online campaign – 1 month before heartbreak. Many people are blogging today to urge your good selves to consider aspects of the Disability Living Allowance and general disability reforms, and how they will truly …

Talking trains on BBC breakfast

Priority blogger Martyn Sibley talks to BBC breakfast about the good and bad of train journeys as a wheelchair user……….Talking trains on BBC breakfsat

And the BBC article……….

Blighted by near death experience – but feel so much better for it!

As Project Manager for the BBC I work on Future Media and Technology projects and Chair BBC Ability (disabled staff forum).  I am Assistant Producer for Champions Club Community and Personal Performance Coach having trained with the Coaching Academy.  I’ve enjoyed successful careers as Engagement Leader for Cerner in the worlds largest healthcare IT programme and Consultant at Accenture for global Communications and High Tech clients.  I also worked for British Airways as an Account Executive and LloydsTSB as young as 15.

I went to University of Derby and achieved a 2:1 in a Marketing Management degree and got Distinction in an Advanced GNVQ in Business after school.

I moved to London to …

Worries and conerns about the end of the Independent Living Fund

As always my life has been fast paced and on the tiring side. I am glad to say despite winter and general work tiredness, I am feeling good and looking forward to xmas. Due to things being busy, this blog on the recent Independent Living Fund (ILF) proposals is not the heavily researched or laid out as an intellectual thesis, as I would usually prefer ;-)

In some ways this is no bad thing either. You can easily google for what the ILF is, their history and for policy documents on independent living. What is more difficult to find is the real way in which recent events affect an individual such as myself. While I am going about my intricately balanced …

Social care funding cuts – comprimising my life

With current political news on benefits and social care funding cuts, my recent trip and more fundamental parts of my life would be compromised. I am now turning my thoughts to halting such political nightmares for disabled people and ensuring everyone can live a full, independent and self directed life, as I have done up until now. Without the government foundations underpinning my care, life would be very different for me and many others. Lets hope the recent announcements are questioned and stopped. More to come!

California dreaming – teething problems and Jack Black

The drive to our hotel in LA, near to LAX airport took 4 hours. This would have been sizeable, but it flew compared to San Fran to Vegas. I was kind of glad to leave Vegas in the end. I would go another time with a bigger budget to gamble and maybe one crazier drunk night, but while our trip ticked everything I hoped for, I did find it a little over bearing and claustrophobic. It definitely had a big thumbs up on accessibility though.

Arriving at the Best Western hotel, which Srin booked while we were in San Fran, we hit the same initial problem. Yep, the shower was not a roll in. On asking at reception there was nothing …

Accessibility in Las Vegas

With our car problems behind us we embarked on the longest car journey I have ever taken in my life. It didn’t make sense to go to LA then Vegas, before back to LA for the flight home. So we plunged for the 10 hour trip to save time in the long run. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. We chatted, listened to tunes and I read my new Amazon Kindle (much easier for me than a heavy book). The video shows the vast amounts of desert and then the fantastic bright lights as you hit the Vegas strip.

We had managed to book the Vegas rooms before leaving the UK too. We went for the MGM Grand on …